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Netflix review set ENG for 2
Each Pre Built Set

Netflix Review Room Video Editing Set in English

$ 2 / Item
  • Description Designed by in association with JST. You can use this set on OBS STUDIO, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, on any video editing APP where you can edit videos. File format .MP4 it's a 10 second video which you can run in a loop.  You get this beautiful well designed set for just $2.00usd 
  • Customized colors same set for $10.00 usd.
  • Optional customized Sets to order requests.  Basic $15.00  Advanced $25.00 Deluxe $40.00
  • Optional We do offer reselling license. This is how it works you contact us via email, or google meet via request made by you at, if we are a good fit. We allow you to resell our designs for 50% off our custom made to order sets. Except for our prebuild sets which sell for the now then asking price but you may upsell it with your markup price. You may ask what ever is convenient for your business model.  For example you buy our prebuild sets for $2.00usd and you sell it for 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, etc.  There is a requirement you must be subscribed to our YouTube channel and we must be able to see you subscribed on our channel. 
  • Usage rights You may not resell our product designs. You buy this item because you will use it for you, and your content development or projects and not to resell our video sets. This is why we only charge $2.00 for each download