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Kenedy Fernández
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Kenedy Fernández

Muy útil el vídeo.

Juan Beleno barrios

Te felicito 😃😊😊


Great video ! The view looks awesome

Anni fernandez
Corrado Pintus

Gati PR

Dale Duro!

Anny Fernández Rosa

Tiene razón,,, aquí hay varios supermercado qué no tienen control de calidad,,, y muy lamentablemente ya que nosotros somos los consumidores

Corrado Pintus

Diablo Ganeee

English Content About our JSTVediting Subscription package FAQs

JSTVediting Subscription service is only $499.99usd a month There are a ton of “unlimited video editing” companies out there. The truth is you’re limited in the fact many squeeze a high number of clients per each editor resulting in poor turnaround times and bad quality. We assign no more than 1 client per each editor per shift, allowing edit times of at least 5 hours per day and a total of 4 production videos a month. This accomplishes two goals: Maintains our high quality standards. Meets the output requirements of most customers. Need more video faster? Just purchase additional accounts.
JSTVediting Subscription service is only $499.99usd a month We aim to provide the highest value by keeping a low editor to client ratio. Where other firms may use 5-7 clients per unlimited editor we have an industry leading 1 client to one editor. This means you get at least 5 hours of video editing daily. Considering a competitor? Ask what their editor to client ratio is. Need full time editing services. Email us about our enterprise plans. Our customers achieve higher quality work over shorter periods of time saving them both time and money.
JSTVediting Subscription service is only $499.99usd a month JSTVediting, is great for anyone that wants to outsource professional video editing. Some of our clients include: YouTubers Regular consumers: who need sweet sixteens, photos turn into videos, editing old videos, converting from tape deck, dv, and other to digital videos. Social Media Agencies Thought Leadership content Online courses / Tutorials / Info Products Product Review Podcast to video Vlogs Video Strategists Ads Real Estate Interview Powerpoint to video
JSTVediting Subscription service is only $499.99usd a month How will we communicate to ensure the work gets done? You submit your projects through our customer portal. You can also provide us with a link to download you production, you can share google drive, dropbox, etc, One of the challenges customers face working with freelancers is the lack of process. We aim to make the communication process as efficient as possible. We own our JSTcallcenter which was built with the future of technology in mind. What does this mean to you, the client? We offer one to one phone, google meet, chat, email, etc. support. All we ask is; if you are using any of the real time contact means, to work through everything before making contact since you only get a 5 minutes session a day. How many sessions depends on your subscription. If 5 minutes sessions don’t work for you we can bill longer sessions at $1.00 usd per minute of connection with you. Just let the rep know you don’t want standard session time. Basically anything that can be done in Premiere Pro. We don’t create custom motion graphics, but use templates for common animation elements like intros, end cards, and lower thirds.
JSTVediting Subscription service is only $499.99usd a month We exclusively use Adobe Premiere Pro to ensure we deliver the highest quality work.
JSTVediting Subscription service is only $499.99usd a month Tuesday – Saturday 6am-3pm Estern Time. This allows us to respond to work requests each workday evening for our US clients because we’re in the future!
JSTVediting Subscription service is only $499.99usd a month Unfortunately no we don’t do free trials as it does take some time for our editors to understand your needs and editing style. Also our government does not allow us to have our staff work for free. And this service requires a live person. With that said, we understand you’ll be taking a risk, so we do have a 3-Day 100% money back guarantee to ensure peace of mind when trying us out for the 1st time and only the 1st time. After this time you will have a good idea if we are a good fit.
JSTVediting Subscription service is only $499.99usd a month Just a simple month-to-month subscription, no contracts or annual commitments necessary!
JSTVediting Subscription service is only $499.99usd a month You can send us up to 10 gb of raw files per project and just one project at a time.
JSTVediting Subscription service is only $499.99usd a month Animation (lower thirds and simple is ok, we just can’t make cartoons for people).
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